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Have you had radon testing done at your Boulder home? If not, you and your family may be at risk. Absolute Radon Safety conducts radon testing, radon inspections and provides radon mitigation system installation in Boulder and across the Front Range.

Radon in Homes: What Is It and Why Is It Dangerous?

Radon occurs naturally in the earth and is frequently released harmlessly into the atmosphere. The problem arises when this gas leaches into homes through tiny cracks in the foundation or basement walls. Once inside the home, the radon may become trapped and build up.

Because radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas, it strikes insidiously, collecting in the lungs of occupants and releasing radiation, which eventually causes lung cancer.

Many states require home radon tests as part of real estate transfers, but Colorado doesn’t. In fact, landlords are not required to mitigate high levels of radon even if they are aware of them.

Colorado has the ninth-highest levels of radiation of all U.S. States. The Colorado Department of Public Health has found elevated levels of radon (> 4 pCi/L) in all 64 counties, and it believes more than half of all Colorado homes have unsafe radon levels. One Boulder home we tested had a reading of 13 pCi/L!

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    Get Radon Testing for Your Boulder Home

    You can purchase your own home radon test kit online, or you can get a professional radon inspection. Absolute Radon Safety offers short-term and long-term radon testing. Short-term test results are ready in approximately 24 hours. Long-term testing takes a week or two.

    Should your test reveal elevated levels of radon in your Boulder home, you can get a discount on radon mitigation system installation.

    Radon Mitigation System Installers in Boulder

    radon fanYour radon mitigation system solution will depend on your home’s construction and the levels of radon detected. Our radon mitigation company hires experts in radon testing and mitigation who also have experience in the construction industry. We recommend a radon mitigation system, then we work with you to decide the best location for installation.

    Many Boulder homeowners get their radon mitigation installation on the outside of their home. We can use colored pipes so your system blends in with your home exterior. Or, if you prefer, we can install the system on the interior, running the pipes through closets or the garage.

    The system works by using a radon mitigation fan to draw radon out of the earth and direct it through the pipes, releasing it safely into the atmosphere at roof level. We use thick PVC, so the risk of cracking or damage to pipes is low.

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    Today, it is more important than ever to protect our health — and especially the health of our lungs. For the best radon testing and radon mitigation system installations in Boulder, trust Absolute Radon Safety. Contact us today to book at appointment for radon testing or installation. It will bring you peace of mind.

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