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Of the 31 U.S. states that have elevated levels of radon in homes, Colorado is 9th. The Environmental Protection Agency has divided the U.S. into three zones based on the potential of elevated levels of radon, and Colorado is in the highest group. You need a radon inspection in Aurora in order to protect yourself and your family from radon poisoning. Absolute Radon Safety provides short-term and long-term radon testing as well as radon mitigation system installation in Aurora and across the Front Range.

What Is Radon Gas?

Radon occurs naturally in the earth and is found in trace amounts almost everywhere. It is only dangerous in highly concentrated levels — greater than 4 pCi/L, according to the EPA. We have done radon testing on some Aurora homes that showed readings of 19.6 pCi/L!

Radon levels can climb when homes are built above large radon deposits. The radon leaches out of the earth and into homes through tiny cracks in foundations and basement walls.

This gas can build up in homes — especially more airtight homes — where occupants can inhale it. Once in your lungs, the radon emits radiation, which eventually can cause lung cancer.

Because radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas and takes years for symptoms to show, many people do not know they are suffering from radon poisoning.

Radon Testing in Aurora

While radon inspections are a mandatory part of real estate transactions in many states, they are not in Colorado. This, despite the fact that the Colorado Department of Public Health has found elevated levels of radon in all 64 counties in the state and estimates that more than half of homes contain unsafe levels of radon. You must take matters into your own hands and arrange for your own radon testing at your Aurora home.

You can buy your own test online, or you can call our radon mitigation company for a professional radon inspection. If the test results show that your home has elevated levels of radon, our experts can talk to you about radon mitigation system installation.

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    Radon Mitigation System Installers

    We install systems with radon mitigation fans that draw the radon out of the earth and channel it through PVC piping, which safely releases the gas into the environment at roof level.

    Some Aurora homeowners choose to have their radon mitigation systems installed on the outside of their homes, near downspouts or chimneys where they are less conspicuous. Others prefer indoor installation, with pipes running through closets or garages.

    Preferred Aurora Radon Mitigation Company

    Regardless of what type of home radon test, radon inspection or radon mitigation system you choose for your Aurora home, the important thing is that you get it done. Although you can do radon testing yourself, installing your own radon mitigation system is not recommended. If mistakes are made, radon levels in your home can actually increase.

    Contact Absolute Radon Safety today for your radon testing home inspection or radon mitigation system installation.

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