How To Choose The Best Radon Abatement Company

How To Choose The Best Radon Abatement Company

Selecting a Radon Mitigation Company

Radon mitigation and testing are highly specialized trades, so selecting the right radon contractor can be challenging. Because radon is a serious and common issue in our State,
choosing a reputable radon mitigation contractor is serious business.

What to Look for When Selecting a Radon Mitigation Contractor

Here are some important factors that should be part of your final decision before choosing your contractor:Radon mitigation system


If the contractor is part of a regional chain, insist on the experience level of the operation in the state. You should have the confidence to know that the company has been around long enough to have encountered a multitude of unusual situations, and the staying power to be there when service is required.

One Day Installation

The vast majority of  radon mitigation systems can be installed and completed in one day. The job should be finished quickly, conveniently, and on time. An expert installer will leave your space in a finished condition without need for drywall repair or sealing drafty gaps in wall penetrations.


How successful is the radon abatement contractor at reducing the gas levels? You should ask for data to get an idea of their success rate.

Written Free Estimatereputable radon mitigation contractor provides free estimate

Contractors should always provide estimates in writing. A detailed proposal should include their credentials (i.e. certifications) and license information. Simple houses with unfinished spaces in optimal locations of the house can easily be estimated by phone. The estimate should include proposals with specific designs for a fixed price, as well as guaranteed results.

After The Installation

You need to make sure that radon levels were reduced. Your mitigator should either give you a sealed short-term test for you to deploy or arrange to have an independent testing partner come and retest your house or establishment.

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