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Radon Vent Pipes: Schedule 40 Pipe

Reduce Radon in Existing Homes

The most efficient form to decrease radon levels in your home is to draw the gas out of the earth and vent it outside. By eliminating the radon gas from the ground, it does not intrude the building where it can accumulate to dangerous levels. Most radon mitigation systems have the same elements: the area to collect the gas from the ground, a pipe to move the radon safely through the building, a fan to carry the gas up the pipe and a vent to put the radon outside.

Radon Vent Pipes

The radon pipe that vents radon gas from a building is an essential part of a radon abatement system. The radon mitigation pipe system must be totally sealed to impede the gas to go back into your home.

PVC pipe is the most popular material used not only for drain and vent pipe for plumbing but radon abatement systems. Even though specifications allow for schedule 20 PVC, the EPA radon mitigation standards demand a schedule 40 PVC for radon vent pipes. The schedule 40 PVC is stronger, quieter and has a better R-value which will diminish condensation in the pipe which will extend the lifespan of the fan.

Radon Pipe Guidelines

Check out some basic requirements for running a radon vent pipe.

  • Use 40 DWV for strength.requirements for running a radon vent pipe
  • A 3″ PVC pipe is the minimum permitted.
  • Keep the vent supported every 8 inches vertically and 6 inches horizontally.
  • Maintain a proper slope for condensate drain back.
  • Use fire barriers where pipe penetrates a firewall.
  • The fan must be placed outside of the living space.
  • The pipe must vent above the roof and be at least 10′ from the ground
  • The vent pipe must be 10′ from windows unless 2 inches above a window.
  • The vent exhaust needs to be 12 inches above any roof area.
  • Utilize a varmint guard to keep debris out of the fan.

A properly installed system must have the fan installed outside of the living space. An attic, a garage, or the side of the home would be adequate for fan placement.

If you have questions or need to install a radon mitigation system in Colorado, please do not hesitate to contact Absolute Radon Safety.