Radon-Resistant Construction Techniques

Radon-Resistant Construction Techniques

Prevent Radon from Entering Your Home

By building new radon-resistant homes, builders and contractors reduce buyers’ risk of lung cancer from exposure to radon gas indoors. Using both familiar materials and simple techniques, builders can construct new homes that are radon-resistant.

Five Basic Features to Prevent Radon From Entering a Home

While the techniques vary for different building site requirements and foundations, the five basic features to prevent radon intrusion are:

1- Gravel

A 4-inch layer of clean gravel is placed underneath the slab or flooring system, thus permitting the soil gas to move freely beneath the house. This gas-permeable layer is used only in homes with casement and slab-on-grade foundations; it is not employed in homes with crawlspace foundations.

2- Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting is placed under the gas-permeable layer and slab to help limit the soil gas from entering the home, while crawlspaces, the sheeting is placed on the crawlspace floor.

3- Sealing and Caulkingradon resistant new construction

Each below-grade opening in the concrete foundation floor is sealed to decrease soil gas entry into the home.

4- Vent Pipe

A PVC pipe or 3- or 4-inch gas-tight pipe goes from the gas permeable layer through the building or house to the roof, thus safely venting radon and other soil gasses above the house. When this is installed during construction, the vent pipe can be routed through interior walls of the home and hidden from the exterior.

5- Junction Box

A junction box is installed within a reachable distance of the radon vent pipe in the attic. The electrical junction box can then be used as a power supply in the event the passive radon mitigation system needs to become activated (by installing a fan in the home after it is tested for radon.)

If you need to install a radon mitigation system in your building or house, contact a certified radon mitigation company such as Absolute Radon Safety. We serve many front range & mountain communities in Colorado.

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