types of radon mitigation systems

Easy Guide to Radon Mitigation Systems for Different Homes – Part 1

Decreasing Radon in Your Home

There are several strategies for decreasing radon in your home. It’s the particular characteristics of the house that determine which installation option should be used.

Types of Radon Mitigation System

The four most common types of radon mitigation systems that could be installed in your home:

  1. Active Suction
  2. Passive Suction
  3. Pressure Systems
  4. Sub-membrane

Active Suction

This type of system is often limited to homes that have a concrete slab basement or basements on a gradient because radon gas tends to accumulate under the concrete of a basement foundation of your home.

Little by little, small cracks appear in the concrete from normal wear and tear, and the accumulated gas escapes and enters the home.

The active suction system takes its name from that fact that it involves an electrical monitoring system, an electrical vent fan, and a vent tube placed between sub-slab gravel that runs up to a spot above the roof on the outside of your home.

When the fan is operating, it has just enough power to impede the deadly gas from gathering under your home. The remaining cracks in the basement concrete get sealed. In this way, the only point of exit for the trapped sub-slab radon is the exit vent of the system. Plus, it also decreases the loss of the conditioned air.

Passive Suction

A passive suction system is frequently employed when a house is being built. The home is constructed with differing pressures in various rooms and parts of the house. This is done to avoid the usage of an active trigger for ventilation, like the electrical fan mentioned above. The natural pressure differential is sufficient to encourage the flow of air in a particular direction.

Then, a duct system is installed to take advantage of that air flow and to guide the lethal gas out and away from home. This type of system is suitable only for homes that have very low levels of radon. 

Note that a passive suction cannot be installed in older homes due to the specific needs on a room-by-room basis.

Stay tuned to learn more about the types of radon mitigation systems.

radon mitigation system

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