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On National Radon Action Month in Colorado

Recently, all Colorado residents and building owners received an important update: The current month of January, 2022 was announced by Gov. Jared Polis as National Radon Action Month. The announcement came in response to high radon levels in nearly half of all Colorado homes, with over 500 deaths among non-smokers traced directly to radon poisoning concerns.

At Absolute Radon Safety, we’re proud to offer a variety of radon testing and radon mitigation services throughout Boulder, Denver and other parts of Colorado. We’re happy to assist clients looking to do their part and keep their homes and buildings safe from radon and its risks, and we fully support Gov. Polis’s initiative to increase awareness on this important subject. Why was the decision made to highlight this issue now, and why is radon such a major concern for many areas in Colorado? Here’s an explainer.

Why Radon is Problematic

First and foremost, for those unaware, there are several major health risks associated with high levels of radon in your structures, including:

  • Higher risk of developing lung cancer
  • Possible connections to other types of cancers, such as colon or pancreatic
  • Other major respiratory issues and health concerns, especially in children and seniors

Radon is the single leading cause of lung cancer deaths among non-smokers in the USA, taking over 20,000 lives each year. But because it’s a naturally occurring gas with no color, taste or odor, many home or building owners are simply unaware that it’s present.

Colorado and Radon

Unfortunately, Colorado has especially prominent radon issues that affect large portions of the state. Here are some of the basic statistics pertaining to its presence and effects:

  • Nearly half of all homes in Colorado have radon levels that are considered high (greater than the EPA recommended action level of 4 PCi/L).
  • All 64 counties in Colorado are rated at high risk for elevated radon.
  • Radon contributes primarily to as many as 500 lung cancer deaths in Colorado each year.

Importance of Radon Testing

As part of the governor’s proclamation, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is highlighting the importance of radon testing for citizens throughout the state. Testing for radon offers several benefits:

  • It’s the only way to know for sure if you have high levels of radon in your home or building.
  • Can help individuals better understand their risk, especially if they are smokers.
  • Helps prepare homeowners and business owners with mitigation strategies.

Not only this, but Colorado residents are encouraged to protect their families from the risks of radon if high levels are found in their homes. There are a few mitigation methods possible for reducing radon levels back to healthy thresholds, both now and in the long-term.

For more on this important month for Colorado residents, or for assistance with any required radon testing or radon mitigation services, speak to the team at Absolute Radon Services today.

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