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Team up with Absolute Radon Safety and Increase Your Listing’s Value

Sell Cancer-Free Homes with Our Radon Mitigation Services

Nowadays we live in a busy real estate market, and making time to serve your customers and also take care of all the details to have your listings ready to show can be challenging. That’s something we understand at our radon mitigation company, so we offer great deals on our radon services in Colorado for all real estate brokers. The best part is that we have very flexible schedules -including Saturday morning appointments-,Free Radon Mitigation Cost Estimate work fast to complete the installation process, and make sure to clean up before we leave your property so that when you show up with your client, everything is clean and ready.

Give an additional good reason to your customers to choose from your real estate listings in Colorado, and help them protect themselves and their family with a cancer free home.  We are an affiliated member of the Denver Metro Association of Realtors, and all of our radon mitigation systems have a comprehensive warranty plan that includes a lifetime guarantee to bring your levels below 4.0 pCi/L and keep them there.

It Is All in the Details!!!

radon mitigation system

At Absolute Radon Safety, every detail counts. All of our staff is NRPP certified and has a background in home construction. We have installed radon mitigation systems in all types of housing buildings in Colorado -both old and new- and we do what is necessary to keep the original characteristics of each home in mind so that your real estate transaction doesn’t get affected by our work. In other words, all of our systems are custom installed according to each home’s design and layout, to make sure that everything fits as it supposed to be.  So don’t wait any longer and contact us for your free estimate,  we stand behind every work that we do and offer the best warranty in the business!

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