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Easy Guide to Radon Mitigation Systems for Different Homes – Part 2

Types of Radon Mitigation Systems

In a previous post, we talked about two types of radon mitigation systems: Active and Passive. Let’s take a look at more options for reducing radon levels in your home.

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Pressure Systems

This is the least expensive and simplest method, and it involves the resident. All you need to do is to keep doors and windows closed in the lower areas of your home more frequently than they are open. Basically, you are creating pressure by having air forced into the home. This pressure will prevent the deadly gas from coming up through the foundation of the home.

Note that only certain types of homes are truly ideal to flourish under this method. It is also important to note that it puts a significant amount of ongoing responsibility on you, as opposed to technology.

Sub-Membrane Systems

A sub-membrane system is a type of suction radon mitigation system. This is particularly useful in a home that has an area where the floor is dirt or has loose gravel. The floor of some spaces is covered with a heavy plastic sheet. A channel is created, and ultimately, a fan and a pipe that leads outdoors are installed. The deadly gas is flushed out of the home under the plastic sheet.

In this scenario, your pre-vent collection area is the plastic sheet membrane.

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Other Alternatives

New methods now exist, but they are still evolving. For instance, energy recovery ventilators (ERV), as well as heat recovery ventilators (HRV) are alternative ways of venting radon gas from your home, but the overall success depends on climate conditions. These two options work well where it is very hot, but in areas with higher humidity, they tend to encourage an excess of moisture and have been reported to cause severe mold problems.

Stay tuned to learn more about these topics, and contact Absolute Radon Safety for all radon mitigation system installation in Colorado.

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