Radon Mitigation System Installation in Denver

If you’ve done any reading about radon testing and radon mitigation in Denver, you may conclude that it’s a challenging and involved process. And it can be if you do it yourself or if you use an inexperienced radon mitigation company. But Absolute Radon Safety makes radon mitigation in Denver easy.

The Dangers of Radon in Homes in Colorado

You may not be aware of the fact that Colorado is ninth in the list of states with the highest radon levels. Radon is often found in granite and other types of rock and soil that contain uranium, and Colorado’s Rocky Mountains make the Denver area a hotbed of radon.

Radon contamination occurs when the element leaches out of the ground into homes, poisoning the air inside. The irony is that sealing cracks in your foundation and basement can help protect against radon poisoning, but it was only when homes began to be built so efficiently and airtight that radon poisoning became a problem because radon used to seep out of homes as easily as it seeped in. But now, it seeps in through your basement and stays inside your home.

Symptoms of Radon Poisoning

Symptoms include a nagging cough, problems breathing, and cancerous lung tumors. These signs may not show up for years, making the link to radon in homes tenuous if you have never had radon testing in Denver.

Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, and that’s what makes it so insidious. You don’t know you are being poisoned unless you get a radon inspection that shows unsafe levels of radon in your home (4 pCi/L). You can buy a radon test kit and perform the test yourself, or you can get a professional radon testing home inspection in Denver.

If you learn through a home radon test that your home contains high radon levels and you want a radon mitigation system installed in your Denver home, Absolute Radon Safety is the radon mitigation company to call.

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    Installation of Your Radon Mitigation System at Your Denver Home

    Your radon mitigation system installation with Absolute Radon Safety will start with a thorough survey of your home’s layout. The types of radon mitigation systems our company installs are unobtrusive, reasonably priced, and highly effective.

    A professional installer with years of radon experience and a home construction background will explain your options for placement of your system and its related parts, keeping in mind the unique characteristics of your home. Our systems incorporate radon mitigation fans and PVC piping that travels from beneath your home to the roof, where the gas is released safely into the atmosphere.

    You can choose where your radon mitigation system goes, whether it’s next to your downspouts, chimney, or in the back of your home. Ask our installers about pipes to match the color of your home. We can even install your mitigation system behind bushes or shrubbery so it is practically invisible.

    Or, you can choose to have the piping run through the inside of your home. Our seasoned installers are skilled at routing systems through closets, garages, and roofs and will always leave your space in a finished and clean condition.

    Regardless of where you put it, you’ll know exactly how your system will look before installation begins.

    Maintenance-Free Radon Mitigation Systems

    Once your radon mitigation system is up and running, you won’t have to think about it again for a long time. We use only the best-quality radon mitigation fans and piping to be certain the maximum levels of radon are being pulled from the ground below your home and dispersed safely into the atmosphere.

    Additionally, there are no ongoing charges with a radon mitigation system installation; once it is installed, you don’t have any maintenance to perform or extra parts or filters to buy. You can breathe easy knowing your radon mitigation system is backed by the best warranty in the business, which is fully transferable, should you decide to sell your Denver home.

    We include a lifetime guarantee to bring your levels below 4 pCi/L and keep them there. We never charge for extra work or radon mitigation fan upgrades. Our lifetime warranty covers parts and labor, and our radon mitigation fans are backed with a 5-year, full-replacement warranty.

    The only maintenance we recommend is occasional testing of the radon alarm and a home radon test to be sure the system is working properly. Homeowners can easily perform these tests themselves.

    Give yourself and your family the peace of mind you deserve by getting a radon mitigation system installed in your Denver home. Contact Absolute Radon Safety today to schedule a home radon test, radon inspection, or radon mitigation system installation.

    garage vents

    Better Placement

    We don’t charge extra to place radon mitigation systems that vent through garage roofs rather than the outside of your home. We want you to be happy with how your system looks.

    radon mitigation fan

    Better Radon Fans

    Our radon mitigation company uses the best quality radon mitigation fans, and we back them with a hassle-free, 5-year, full-replacement warranty. Your system will last many years.

    thick pipes

    Better Materials

    We use thicker pipes for our radon mitigation system installations, which means less chance of cracks that could allow radon to leak into your home. Thicker pipes also mean quieter operation.

    radon mitigation system

    Better Looking

    We install inconspicuous radon mitigation systems that won’t impact the look of your Denver home. We can even do an interior installation through a garage or closet.

    Radon Mitigation That Works

    We have extensive radon mitigation experience in both old and new residential homes in Denver, so you can be sure we are installing the proper radon mitigation system in your home.

    Our radon systems work with an average post-mitigation level of just 1.3 pCi/L. Any radon level above 4 pCi/L is unsafe, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Sadly, many homes in which we have done radon testing home inspections in Denver have resulted in readings over 10 pCi/L!

    Thus, you can see the importance of radon mitigation system installation. However, it is important to use an experienced, proven company for your radon mitigation system installation, because if it is done incorrectly, the levels of radon in your home may actually increase.

    Scroll down to see some real-life results our radon mitigation company has achieved by installing radon mitigation systems in Denver.

    Trust the Best Radon Mitigation Company in Denver

    Our competitive pricing, quality work and outstanding customer service will make this one of the easiest service calls you’ve ever made. We’re known as a top radon mitigation system installer in Denver — just read our reviews! Call us today to schedule radon testing, a radon inspection or radon mitigation system installation.

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