Homebuyer Tips if a for Homes With Radon Mitigation Systems

If you’re in the process of searching the market for a home, there are a number of things you may see during a tour or inspection of a given home. How should you be proceeding if one such thing you find in a home you may consider purchasing is an existing radon mitigation system? At…

Major Risks of Attempting DIY Radon Mitigation

If radon levels in your home are higher than known safety thresholds, proper mitigation of these levels is of vital importance for the health of anyone who lives or spends time in the structure. Radon is a Class A carcinogen, one that causes some significant health issues in both people and animals, and quality must…

Basics on Radon Manometers for Aurora Homeowners

If your home or building has high levels of radon that require mitigation through a pipe-based system that removes radon from the space so it cannot be a threat to health, there are a few important components that will often or always be included in this setup. One of these components that’s important for many…

Effects of Radon on Common Household Pets

There are certain harmful substances that are threats to more than just humans, and may also threaten the health and well-being of pets and various animals in your home. Radon is a good example — not only are its effects potentially harmful to humans, they can also have a severe impact on common household pets.…

Debunking Common Myths on Radon, Testing and Mitigation

While certain myths or bits of misinformation in our world aren’t all that harmful, the realm of radon is not one of these. Misconceptions about radon, which is a harmful gas that causes thousands of deaths annually, can lead to unsafe conditions and other major risks, and it’s important to have the proper information on…

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